Israir plane (illustrative)
Israir plane (illustrative)Flash 90

An Israeli plane landed in Istanbul, Turkey, for the first time in a decade, Israel Hayom reported.

The landing comes after Israeli planes were not allowed to land in Turkey, due to Israel's security protocols, which require, among other things, that Israeli security personnel be working in the host country.

On Saturday, an ATR passenger plane belonging to Israir landed for a short period in Istanbul, before returning to Israel.

Prior to landing, the plane received all the required permissions.

Although Ben Gurion International Airport is closed to passenger flights, the Israir flight was indeed a passenger flight, and has returned to Israel after a short time on Turkish soil.

The ATR plane is Israir's smallest model, and cannot fly great lengths. Usually, it is used for internal flights to and from Eilat, and for passenger flights to nearby countries.