Bennett and Moshe
Bennett and MosheOri Cohen and Noam Nisimi

The chairwoman of the Jewish Home Party, Hagit Moshe, and the chairman of the Yamina party, Naftali Bennett, decided Thursday evening to reach an agreement that would prevent the erasure of the Jewish Home movement from the political map, after contacts with the Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit broke down.

Bennett acceded to Moshe's request, and the two concluded the following: The Jewish Home Party will not run independently in the elections to the 24th Knesset, but will demand full support for the Yamina list led by Naftali Bennett and will support Bennett's candidacy for prime minister.

The Yamina party, when entering the government or in forming the next government, will arrange for the appointment of Hagit Moshe as a minister in the government who will have sway in matters of religious Zionism and the rules of the Knesset, Torah centers, national service, hesder meetings and pre-military preparatory schools, and settlements.

The Yamina party will be allowed to use the letter 'bet' only in the lead-up to next month's elections.

Earlier, the Jewish Home party had stated that it would run alone in the next elections.

The party said that "starting this morning, the party's headquarters are working on compiling an attractive and diverse list that will be submitted tonight."

The party also stated that "this morning the heads of the branches in the Jewish Home announced that they intend to work hard in the upcoming elections so that there will be a list that represents the mainstream of religious Zionism and not just the haredim or 'elite' ends and are now considering names to compile the list."