Police enforcing coronavirus lockdown
Police enforcing coronavirus lockdownPolice spokesperson

The Central District Attorney's Office filed an indictment this morning (Thursday) in juvenile court against a 17-year-old boy from Nablus for attempted murder, acts of terrorism, and illegal residence in Israel.

The individual in question tried to stab a policewoman last month in Kafr Kassem.

According to the indictment, filed by attorney Nathaniel Bojo, "at some point, the defendant made the decision to kill an Israeli policeman, as a Jew, motivated by nationalist and ideological views."

"The defendant entered the territory of the State of Israel, without a permit, and moved to an apartment near the police station in Kfar Kassem. He equipped himself with a folding knife, which he hid in his shirt pocket, and left the apartment towards the station. Later, the defendant stayed near the station for some time, waiting for a suitable victim. At policeman left the station to fetch something from his car, wearing a skullcap on his head; the defendant approached the police officer, and stood next to him. The police officer, growing suspicious, put his hand on his weapon and ordered the defendant to leave," the indictment said.

It further stated that "as a result, the defendant moved away from him towards the nearby square, shouting insults at him, in order to provoke him and make him move away from the entrance to the station, but the policeman did not follow the defendant. At about 9:30 pm, the defendant noticed a policewoman leaving the station and walking toward her car, which was parked nearby. The defendant began to follow her, and approached her while she was standing next to her car. At this point, the policewoman asked the defendant if he needed anything, and in response, the defendant asked her, in Arabic, if she was an Arab. The policewoman answered in the negative. The defendant pulled the knife out of his shirt pocket, held it in his hand when it was open, and approached the policewoman with the blade of the knife about 15 cm from the upper body of the policewoman. In order to save her life, the policewoman kicked the defendant, who fell to the ground, and managed to handcuff him while he was struggling, trying to escape, while uttering curses at her," the indictment said.

The prosecution requested the court to have the defendant incarcerated until the end of proceedings against him.