policeצילום: ISTOCK

The Israel Police is investigating the disappearance of a woman living in the south together with her five-year-old son and is requesting the public's assistance in locating the child.

The investigation, which has been ongoing for about two weeks under a gag order, was intended to locate the child after the court ordered that he be transferred to his father's custody.

The boy's mother did not comply with the court order and since then all traces of her and her son have disappeared,

"From the beginning of the investigation, the Israel Police has been using its best investigators and all the means at its disposal in cooperation with other professional factors, all with the aim of locating the child as soon as possible, ensuring his safety and security and enforcing the court's decision," the police said.

"The Israel Police has allowed the details of the case to be published, and is asking for the public's assistance in locating the child or any detail that can help the police locate him or his mother, who is identified as 44-year-old Galit Tzafarti and report it to the 100 police hotline or to the Sderot station, 08-6620456."