Juniper Falcon exercise
Juniper Falcon exerciseIDF spokesperson

Earlier this week, the "Juniper Falcon" joint US-Israel military exercise began.

This is the main exercise of the Israeli Air Force Air Defense together with the US military under the authority of the US European Command (EUCOM).

The exercise simulates a scenario in which the State of Israel is under threat of surface-to-surface rockets, mortars and other aerial threats. The primary goal is to strengthen cooperation, coordination and mutual learning between the two armies, while expanding and maintaining deep strategic cooperation between the countries and their armies, and improving their ability to jointly defend against various threats.

The "Juniper Falcon" exercise has taken place in Israel for two decades and is a significant factor in the cooperation between the militaries and the countries. Various units will take part in the exercise, including the Air Defense Array, the Operations Directorate, the Israeli Navy, logistics units, and medical forces.

In the current exercise, special adjustments were made due to the coronavirus pandemic, in order to ensure that the exercise takes place safely and that the participants remain healthy.

In a statement, the IDF emphasized: "The deep bond between the IDF and the US military will continue to intensify, while strengthening the response to all threats the IDF faces today."