Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
Rabbi Shmuel EliyahuElad Mark

In the last week, hardly an hour goes by without an urgent request to pray for a coronavirus patient, for someone who is being anesthetized and on a respirator. For someone being taken to hospital by ambulance. I have never had such a flood of requests.

Unfortunately I have also recently been present at too many funerals of people who have passed away from coronavirus and are still young, children, babies, adults who are survived by children, family and friends who are in such pain and are crying.

I do not know what all those people who have spread and are spreading that 'there is no pandemic' and convince others not to take vaccines will say in heaven. How will they stand before the heavenly court and explain why they brought upon the deaths of so many people, when the mortality rate in Israel is skyrocketing?

How dare people still say that there is no pandemic when the mortality rate in some countries has almost doubled. What would have happened if the government had not done all the lockdowns and preventive measures?