the call to waste vaccine doses
the call to waste vaccine dosesfrom Twitter

A group of opponents of the coronavirus vaccine on Facebook are scheduling appointments for vaccines and canceling them at the last minute in order to cause as many doses as possible to be thrown out, journalist Meir Marciano revealed on Channel 13 News Wednesday evening.

On his Twitter account, Marciano shared a correspondence from a Facebook group called 'Say No to the Green Passport'. One of the participants published a post in which she wrote, "If anyone who does not intend to be vaccinated will book an appointment for the vaccine and does not arrive, we will finish the inventory (in the trash) pretty quickly. You just need to say so."

The author received enthusiastic responses. One respondent wrote to her, "I'm in favor of a vaccination party." Another person responded: "I have already booked an appointment at several branches from several different phone numbers."

Another respondent encouraged the writer and noted: "You are a partisan, sister."

Another person concluded, "Everyone who saves one soul from Israel as if he saved a whole world."