The injury to the victim's hand
The injury to the victim's hand Honenu

An Arab attacked and stabbed a haredi student near Saleh a-Din Street in eastern Jerusalem on Monday afternoon.

The victim managed to fend off the terrorist and miraculously only suffered a cut to his hand. He called police forces, who arrived at the scene and began searching for the Arab stabber.

The haredi student said that the attacker walked close to him and at one point began cursing him and tried to attack him. He added that he pushed the Arab aside, at which point he was hit in his hand by the knife.

Advocate Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal aid organization said in response, "This is a serious attack in which, only by a miracle and thanks to the student's resourcefulness in instinctively being able to fend off the terrorist, was he spared a serious injury. We demand that the police, the Israel Security Agency and other security forces do everything possible to bring about the rapid capture of the terrorist."