Dr. Lipo
Dr. LipoCourtesy

Dr. Mordechai Lipo, director of the Kinor Lev Clinic, recovering from coronavirus and developed a method that combines ordinary and unconventional medicine, in order to reduce the effect of the virus.

"It all started when I was seriously ill with high fever, chills, and was found to be COVID-19 positive. Later the symptoms developed into shortness of breath and respiratory distress. But with my method, after a little over a week everything passed and today I feel fine, without weakness. This is while I hear from other people who went through similar things that they also suffer many weeks later," Dr. Lipo told Arutz Sheva.

"I learned how to deal with the disease by combining conventional treatment and non-conventional treatment. I came to the conclusion that it is possible to deal with COVID without going to a hospital and get through it as quickly and fully as possible," he adds.

How did this happen? Dr. Lipo explains. "According to the new studies, there is a simple drug - 'colchicine', which is apparently very beneficial and does not eradicate the disease but alleviates it. It is a drug that is usually suitable for gout and Mediterranean disease. It manages to halve the COVID effects. So I used it.

"The second thing I used was injections to prevent blood clotting called 'Clexane', because with COBVID there's such a phenomenon. Every day I took such an injection and a person can inject it alone. In addition, I took vitamins - mainly C and D and a lot of zinc. Lavender oil apparently is very helpful too, and I'm currently examining the right form to take it."

Together with these three steps he has incorporated a method with which he has been working for decades. "I developed a method called 'lev kinor - heart violin' and it involves playing music and playing according to the heartbeat and that is a very important thing. There is an insight here that the public does not know enough about. There are two types of nervous system - the normal one that moves and feels, and there is an autonomic nervous system that controls all the organs of the body, the immune system, and the lungs and blood vessels.

"COVID causes leaks inside the lungs and it causes all the respiratory distress. When the autonomic nervous system is balanced it is very influential. There is a cycle that needs to be broken and the method of playing music according to heart rate allows the system to balance. And after half an hour I saw an improvement in saturation that lasted for a long time.

"The more difficult the condition, the harder it is to use the method and you have to know how to do it. My main insight is that the combination of all the things I mentioned allows the disease to pass within a week and I think it can cause a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality.

"I am interested in finding a way to embark on a journey and teach people to deal with COVID-19," concludes Dr. Lipo.