Rabbi Shiner's funeral procession
Rabbi Shiner's funeral processionצילום: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Thousands of people are currently attending the funeral of Rabbi Yitzchak Shiner, Rosh Yeshiva of Kamnitz in Jerusalem and a member of the Council of Torah Scholars on behalf of Degel HaTorah, who died this afternoon at the age of 98. Tomorrow, a protest march will begin at the house of Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana in Tel Aviv and proceed towards Rabin Square.

A senior police official expressed anger to Channel 12 at the government for not backing the police in their enforcement of public health guidelines. Recent images from Jerusalem have angered many in the public, who are collapsing under the economic burden of the lockdown and generating public outcry and unrest over the selective enforcement between the various sectors. The leaders of the protest have commented, "logic has left the building", and were furious at the state that holds their private businesses hostage.

A senior police official said today that any gathering can be dispersed, the question is only at what price. "If the police had forcibly dispersed the funeral - using tear gas, water jets and batons - it would have ended with hundreds of casualties. It was an event the state would not have forgotten," the same source said, alluding to the complementary steps the state should take. "We are alone in this campaign. Do not expect that we alone will do the dirty work without bloodshed."

The procession organizers said the marchers would carry torches "in protest of the selective enforcement of the Israeli government and the State of Israel, which harms the general public in the State of Israel and has left hundreds of thousands of workers in the culture and events industry without a livelihood for nearly a year. The state is making decisions on the basis of considerations foreign to the needs of the people.”

"Tomorrow we will all shout their cry and demand enforcement a hard and clear stance against anyone who violates the guidelines - otherwise we have no chance of beating the plague."