Gush Etzion
Gush Etzion IDF Spokesperson

Preliminary IDF investigation of the attack at the Gush Etzion Junction this morning reveals that an attacker armed with three knives attached to a stick arrived at the junction and tried to stab IDF fighters operating in the area.

An IDF fighter responded by firing and neutralizing him. There are no casualties to our forces.

Corporal E., a fighter from the Kfir Brigade's Nachshon Battalion who neutralized the attacker, related: "I was standing at the northern hitchhiking position, at Gush Etzion Junction, to protect the civilians who were there. I saw a suspect walking on the road who began to move rapidly towards me and towards civilians who were there, I recognized that he had drawn a knife, I shot and neutralized the terrorist."

"I have been here in operational employment with my battalion friends for about a month. We stay alert all the time to avoid cases like this. We will continue to protect the residents of Gush Etzion and protect the home."

The stick on which the knives were attached (IDF Spokesperson)