A "Test and Drive" station
A "Test and Drive" stationMDA Spokesperson

Magen David Adom announced on Thursday, that since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak (February 24), MDA teams have sampled 3,976,375 people. The samples were performed, during the past 11 months, at a variety of sites, nationwide, in private homes, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes as part of the “Protecting Fathers and Mothers” project, educational institutions, and in MDA Drive and Test facilities.

Last week (21-27.1.21) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Home Front Command and the HMOs, MDA EMTs and paramedics have sampled 70,776. 13,132 samples were taken in people’s homes and 57,644 at MDA's and Home Front Command’s Drive and Test facilities.

According to MDA data, since the Coronavirus outbreak 471,794 samples were taken in people's homes.

2,036,919 samples were taken at MDA's Drive and Test facilities operating in collaboration with the HMOs. Of those, 305,809 were sampled in Jerusalem, of those in 125,831 Teddy complex In Jerusalem, 33,569 in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, 29,123 in Romema, 25,974 in Bait Va Gan, 24,277 in Ein Yael and 15,707 in Armon Hanatziv. 197,587 were sampled in Tel Aviv, of those 157,574 in Ganey Yehoshua complex, 72,031 in Ashdod, 67,188 in Kfar Sava, 64,781 in Netanya, 53,053 in Rishon le Zion, 48,700 in Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut, 47,970 in Petach Tikva, 44,553 in Lod, 43,540 in Hadera, 41,393 in Haifa, 36,009 in Um al-Fahm, 31,457 in Beer Sheva, 31,382 in Bnei Brak, 27,510 in Eilat, 25,855 in Beit Shemesh, 25,821 in Nes-Ziona, 25,549 in Modi’in Ilit, 24,211 in Rehovot, 21,849 in Qalansawe, 19,557 in Sakhnin, 19,041 in Baka al-Garbia, 18,893 in Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, 17,879 in Holon, 16,991 in Ramat Gan, 16,523 in Ashkelon, 16,154 in Carmiel, 14,433 in Sderot, 14,379 in Acre, 14,043 in Tira, 13,623 in Maale Adummim, 11,629 in Rosh Haayin, 11,542 in Rahat, 10,969 in Beitar Ilit, 10,725 in Tayibe, 10,722 in Ma’alot, 10,484 in Mevaseret Zion and 10,353 people were sampled in Majed al-Chrome. In addition, as needed, Magen David Adom operates additional Drive and Test complexes throughout the country.

MDA is continuing to operate the Drive and Test facilities, whilst also carrying out testing in nursing homes and long term care facilities throughout the country. In addition, as needed, MDA teams will sample those who are homebound.

To date, MDA sampled 8,069 travelers who returned to Israel from abroad at a special stand in Ben Gurion airport.

In addition, MDA Paramedics have taken 3,000 serological tests, and evacuated thousands of confirmed patients from their home for hospitalization.

As part of the "Protecting Fathers and Mothers" program, MDA medics and paramedics administered the second vaccine to more than half of the residents and employees of elderly care facilities and sheltered accommodation in Israel.

MDA's 101 Emergency Call Centers also show a significant increase in citizen inquiries, which reached 14,000 calls a day this week, an increase of about 235% compared to a routine day.

Along with taking 4,000,000 of samples for Coronavirus, MDA blood services continue to collect plasma from those who have recovered from the Coronavirus for the treatment of severely ill patients and the production of a passive vaccine. To date, those who have recovered from Coronavirus have donated approximately 17,079 plasma units. 4,844 units have been given to 2,422 Coronavirus patients in moderate and severe condition (2 units each).

MDA is continuing its activity of sampling in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Home Front Command and the four HMOs and carrying out verified patients’ transfers to hospitalization, all in addition to the organization’s routine and emergency activities.