coronavirus vaccine
coronavirus vaccine צילום: אריה מינקוב

Data from the Information and Digital Health Division at Maccabi Health Services show that as of today (Thursday) only 66 people have contracted the coronavirus out of about 248,000 vaccinated who received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine at least a week ago, or 0.027%.

Maccabi reported that of the 66 who contracted the disease despite receiving the vaccine, most of them are over the age of 55, half of them suffer from background diseases. All have experienced only mild illness with symptoms of headache, cough, weakness or fatigue. None of them have been hospitalized and suffered from a fever over 101.3 degrees. Most patients were tested due to exposure to a verified carrier.

Simultaneously with the data on those infected among the vaccinated, a test was conducted among a control group the size of about 900,000 Maccabi members from diverse backgrounds who have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus and have not been infected with the virus in the past. Among this group, about 8,250 active verified patients were found during the test period.

A comparison of the data between the groups shows that those who were not vaccinated were 11 times more likely to contract the disease than those who were vaccinated, and that at this stage the vaccine's effectiveness in Israel is 92% after seven days or more after receiving the second dose. Maccabi emphasized that this figure is considered excellent and encouraging, since according to an experiment conducted by Pfizer, the vaccine's effectiveness is 95% only 28 days after the receiving of the second dose.

The number of vaccinated people tested at Maccabi is significantly greater than the number of in Pfizer's experiment (approximately 21,000 people).

The head of Maccabi's Information and Digital Health Division, Dr. Anat Aka Zohar, stated: "These are very encouraging data. 92% efficacy of the vaccine already on days 7-18 after receiving the second dose is an excellent figure and we will continue to monitor to see that the percentage does increase according to Pfizer's reports until it reaches 95% efficacy."