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Tzanz hasidimFlash 90

Journalist Naama Riva from Haaretz on Thursday wrote on Twitter that childbirth in the haredi sector is a "danger to the State of Israel," provoking great anger among other surfers.

Riva shared documentation of the wedding of the rebbe from the Toldot Aharon and Sanz hasidim, which took place "in the families' embrace," when the families together number hundreds of people.

One respondent wrote back, "What do you want, it's just the families?" to which Riva answered: "If we leave COVID-19 aside for a moment, when will they start eradicating this insane birth rate that's a huge social, environmental, and economic danger to the State of Israel?" The word she used in Hebrew, hadbara, means "extermination" in the pest-control sense of the word.

Journalist Yehuda Schlezinger from Israel Hayom responded to her: "You're right. It's time to mark them too. I have the color yellow in my head. You got another idea?"

Ynet journalist Yael Friedson replied that she also takes the position that having multiple births is a problem. "Can we speak to the point?" she asked. "For instance about the fact that Israel is already one of the most densely populated countries in the world? Or about the new phenomenon in the State of Israel, families with 6-plus children? About the nature reserves that explode during the holidays because of so many people coming to them? How do you see the future of the country at this birth rate?"