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Biden cancels women

Boys and girls are different, and if I have to explain how, then what we’ve got here is “failure to communicate.”

If you think a 128-pound high school girl can bench-press the same weight as a 280-pound man, then you voted for Biden.

In Biden’s world of the far left, sameness is the ideal.

Not so where I grew up. There, boys were to be admired for their muscles, girls and women for their virtuousness.

Boys were boys. Girls were girls. Life was much simpler, then. Around the breakfast table, we did not have to be reminded which was which. This was Mom. That was Dad. Easy.

Nor was there any chance that one day Dad would switch to become Mom.

So away we go to one of Biden’s first acts upon entering the White House…which changes everything since Adam and Eve.

Through executive order, he decreed that men (claiming to be transgendered) must be allowed to compete with women in the world of sports.

He inked this so fast, as if this were a national emergency. Maybe it is, among one percent of the population. The rest liked things as they were.
He inked this so fast, as if this were a national emergency. Maybe it is, among one percent of the population. The rest liked things as they were.

You have to wonder who asked for this change that turns biology on its head, and ruins any chance of girls advancing through sports scholarships.

Astonishingly, Biden’s cockeyed action entirely reverses the feminist movement and…wait for it…empowers men to the detriment of women.

Did we miss something?

Was there an uprising against girls going it alone? Did Soccer Moms go rioting because they wanted big burly boys on the same field with their developing daughters? We hear otherwise. We hear people complaining that Biden was way off the beaten path to do what he did. It isn’t American.

Nor is it Christian, and it certainly isn’t Jewish to demand gender conformity. Just the opposite. Vive la difference.

It’s in the Bible, in many places all about the virtues of separateness for the sanctity of the individual, the family, the home.

Like this in our daily liturgy. In the wilderness, Balaam is provoked to declare, in astonishment, “Ma Tovu” – “How goodly thy tents O Jacob; thy dwelling places O Israel.” Sent to curse, he is impelled to bless the Israelites after seeing their encampments so perfectly arranged, apart, for the sake of modesty between men and women.

Biden must have missed that part, even after The New York Times called him the most religious president we’ve ever had.

More precisely, leave it to the Liberal religion to fix something that ain’t broke.

Liberals are less intrusive when they play with their favorite toy…global warming. Why pick on gender, which is the business of science, not the government.

Where are the feminists? In one swoop they’ve been outmaneuvered. Into silence.

Truly, we have all been roped into Biden’s vision, which is to embrace for the nation the picture of the man himself – mediocrity.

Under Biden, no more reaching for the stars, nor scaling new frontiers. That was the past, the daring-do that made us exceptional.

Biden, you see, is a “nice guy.” He does not want us towering over the rest of the world. No more America First.

Not last, either.

But ordinary. The nation, like the man.

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