Amos Yadlin
Amos YadlinFlash 90

Amos Yadlin, director of Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) spoke on Wednesday at the Institute’s annual conference and said that Israel should be in dialogue with the US on how to deal with Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

Referring to IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi’s remarks at the same conference, Yadlin said, “Kohavi has clarified the kind of an agreement with Iran that we should not return to. The consensus in defense circles is that the 2015 agreement is bad, but he didn't say what should be the agreement and how to fix it.”

“Israel should be in close dialogue with the US about how to deal with Iran. All the optimistic assumptions about Iran's behavior have been proven wrong,” he added.

“It would be better to work toward an interim agreement to maintain the sanctions and talk about improving the terms. The sunset clause that allows Iran to get closer to the bomb must be fixed, also improve the inspections and the weapons clause,” opined Yadlin.