The Third wave of coronavirus
The Third wave of coronavirusצילום: Shutterstock

State prosecutors in Italy have filed an indictment against Carlo Mosca, 47, a doctor at Lombardy Hospital who plaintiffs allege intentionally caused the deaths of COVID-19 patients in order to clear beds in his hospital’s overcrowded COVID-19 ward.

The incident is suspected to have taken place in March, at the height of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy, when the province of Lombardy was one of the places hardest hit by the virus.

According to a report in the British "Online Mail", Muska was arrested after WhatsApp messages were discovered among nurses from which it was suspected that "the crazy Muska killed patients in order to free up beds”.

The indictment alleges that Muska injected a number of patients, including 61-year-old Bassey and 80-year-old Angelo Palti, with extra large amounts of anesthetic to cause their deaths, and later changed the details in their medical files to conceal his actions.

Investigators are now investigating three more deaths in Lombardy Hospital, with Muska suspected of murdering more patients after the ward was overcrowded. Additional anonymous messages sent to police also raise suspicions that Muska murdered more patients for the same reason.

Musca is currently under house arrest and denies the allegations against him, calling them "baseless," but investigators say he tried to persuade nurses in the coronavirus department to "agree on a cover story and submit false testimony" to cover up his actions.

One of the nurses said he demanded that the staff leave the patients' room when he injected them. "It's never happened to me before," said one of the nurses in her testimony.