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A Jew living in Givat Ronen in Samaria received an administrative order this morning, Tuesday, signed by the head of Central Command, instructing him to remain under administrative house arrest for two months.

The man was arrested after he began protesting before Judea and Samaria police detectives who he claimed were involved in the chase in which Ahuvya Sandak was killed.

He identified that in their vehicle, a Toyota, there was a vehicle camera for documenting the way, contrary to the police claim that the vehicle did not have a vehicle camera.

The resident began filming the detectives' vehicle and protesting that they had "killed a friend." The Shabak agent present at the scene ordered the police to arrest him.

Atty. Nati Rom from the Honenu organization related "I am now leaving from counsel to my client, 26, here at Judea and Samaria Police, who traveled to his work in the morning at Tapuah Junction and was arrested by a Judea/Samaria police and a Shabak agent, the same one who sent him a type of threat against continuing the protest. He told him 'I promised and I will deliver,' and gave him an administrative order with no judicial oversight, for full house arrest for two months."

"At that point my client noticed a Toyota of the same color as the car in the accident with a camera, and it was important for him to film it, because he saw there was a camera despite the claims of police. After releasing him, he traveled in the direction of the vehicle and filmed it, or course also blaming the police for their involvement - these are the policemen suspected in the death of Ahuvya."

''Unfortunately he is here detained on suspicion of threats. The fact that those policemen suspected of the tragic killing of Ahuvya are here, reach him and arrest him, and the fact that the Shabak coordinator sent a kind of threat three weeks ago by text to this guy is a very serious breach of trust. This cannot be the conduct in a democratic society and I very much hope that the suspect will be released. Of course he is not interested in cooperating with those police officers who are suspected and he wants to have his say in court or in another unit," said Rom.