Elderly woman receives vaccine
Elderly woman receives vaccineiStock

Mishan assisted living facility chain Director Omri Cohen today sent an urgent letter to Health Ministry elderly Magen Avot COVID program head Professor Nimrod Maimon, demanding that a weekly inspection be conducted for all residents in assisted living in Israel, also after receiving the second vaccine dose.

His urgent request came after it was reported this morning that two residents had tested COVID-19 positive despite the fact that both were vaccinated with the first dose and exactly three weeks later, were vaccinated with the second dose.

For the full letter in Hebrew click here.

In fact, 12 days have passed since vaccination with the second dose and the residents in question were found to be positive. It was stated that "there is no certainty about the exact date of infection of the residents and therefore no conclusion can be drawn about the effectiveness of the vaccines."

They are one 82-year-old symptomatic tenant and a second 96-year-old tenant who suffers from general weakness.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry says by midnight, 6,015 Israelis tested COVID positive, with the number of deaths from the outbreak said to be 4,478, of whom 23 died today. The hospitals have 1,174 COVID patients in critical condition, 325 of whom are on ventilator. In Israel, there are 71,333 who tested positive.