Three years ago Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel move to the Arugot Farm in the Judean mountains in Southeastern Gush Etzion.

While building a retreat center to generate tourism and boost the economy in this unsettled strategic area in Israel, he moved with personal aspirations as well. He has been trying to practically fuse into his life the ancient wisdom of the prophets of the Bible and ancient Judean practices with modern science, neurology, and physiology

"Maybe if we combine life practices based on both the ancient wisdom of Israel with modern science we will experience a taste of geula (redemption)", Gimpel explains, "I moved to the mountains to live more like prophets of Israel and I want to share what I've discovered."

In his book, 'The Judean Art of Waking Up', Gimpel writes: "The key to every day is the morning.
It’s really that simple – the key to have a great life is simply having a bunch of great days. The best way to ensure you have a good day is winning the morning. If you win the morning, you win the day. If you change your days. You change your life."

In the video above, Gimpel's shares viewers with his morning routine after living years in the mountains of Judea.

"While COVID has thrown most Jewish traditional communal practices for a loop", Gimpel says, "this practice is a next best to make the most of your days. Gimpel hopes the video will give people ideas to implement in their lives and give believers chizuk (strength) in these crazy times".

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