F-35A Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

The chairman of the Commanders for Israel's Security organization, former Minister Matan Vilnai, is concerned about the Trump administration's move to approve the sale of F35 aircraft to the United Arab Emirates just as Trump left the White House.

"There were always clear rules. The issue of selling advanced American weapons to Arab countries did not start yesterday and will not end tomorrow. It is an issue that has always accompanied us and we knew that once we were equipped, there was also an issue of weapons on the other side," Vilnai told Arutz Sheva.

"A deception was committed here. No one knew what the details of the deal were and we suddenly discovered that it included attack drones. There are no clear rules as to where things will go and a senior American general told me: 'We end up selling weapons to the Arabs.' The US military is against it but all it does is receive an order and execute it. It brings jobs to a lot of workers in the American industry, but it all happens at the expense of our security,” he added.

"Obviously this is something that is fundamentally wrong. Biden is an impressive person, who is a supporter of Israel and delves into details. I trust him and his people are great, but why should we be dependent on them? The Emirates did not dream of receiving these systems at all," said Vilnai.

Asked what Israel's next step should be, he replied, "There is a new administration and it will take whatever steps it takes. I think Israel should make very clear statements, that are not being said right now, that 'Israel's security is above everything else, and that means everything.'"

On the issue of the Iranian nuclear program, Vilnai said, "The Iranians are getting closer and closer to nuclear weapons and at the same time increasing their involvement in terrorism in the Middle East. The Biden administration understands this well and I believe it will act in accordance with American interests which overlap with those of the Israeli interests."