Moshe ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon sat down with i24NEWS and Israel Hayom to discuss the implications of the recent American elections and the impending Israeli run to the Knesset.

“I hope that the new administration learns from the last one,” he commented on America. “An attempt to return to the policies that we had before would be a mistake.” Ya’alon extended this view to a number of policies, including an American embassy in east Jerusalem, a two-state solution, and the Iranian nuclear agenda."

“We cannot allow Iran to have a military nuclear option,” he insisted. “We should use economic pressure, military force, political isolation, and everything else we can to reign in an otherwise unstable regime. The policy over the last few years worked - there was barely any conflict with surrounding Arab nations, and less with the Palestinians than usual.”

Iran, he added, isn’t the only regime that needs to be reigned in - he has dim views of the Prime Minister as well. “Netanyahu controls too many aspects of the media, too many factions, too much of the public agenda. I may agree with him on many aspects, but I would not consider joining him. What he has done to the Israeli political scene is unacceptable.”

“I joined politics to fix what is wrong with the country,” he added. “We need to learn from the lessons of the past. We have a rare double opportunity here to change a lot of things for good, and we need to take advantage.”