Rayah, Black Flag of Jihad
Rayah, Black Flag of JihadCC/Gontol Royo
Donald Trump's Twitter (88 million followers), Facebook (35 million) and Instagram accounts were shut down for “incitement”. Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, Microsoft, Youtube and Reddit have done the same. It is the first time that a head of state has seen his freedom of expression suppressed in this way.

Trump has gone, Islamists stay on to use these social networks to preach their Jihad.

French essayist and analyst Alexandre del Valle points out in Valeurs Actuelles’ weekly that social media, so quick with Trump, turn a blind eye on Islamic regimes. Like the accounts of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (17.3 million on Twitter, 10 million on Facebook), “who insulted Emmanuel Macron, who threatened EU countries (Austria, France, Greece, Cyprus), who denies the Armenian genocide, who massacred the Kurds in Syria, who tried to seize water and gas from Greece and Northern Cyprus, who supported the jihadists of Syria and Libya and who sent them to massacre Armenians in Karabakh…. He has never been suspended from social networks”.

Take former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad, who has 4 million followers on Facebook and 1.3 million on Twitter. On October 29, on Twitter, after the beheading of Samuel Paty, Mahathir wrote that “Muslims have the right to kill millions of French” ... The tweet has been removed, the account is still there.

Like that of the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov (400,000 on Facebook) or Ayatollah Khamenei, who on Twitter called for the elimination of Israel.

Among the 200 accounts in the world with the largest number of followers are those of many Salafist preachers or from the Muslim Brotherhood:

-Mohamed al-Arifi (21.4 million followers on Twitter; 25 million on Facebook, first Saudi account, first religious account in the world and 86th in the world) which justifies the right to beat one's wife;

-Ayid al-Qarni (19 million Twitter followers) who fights Western values;

-Ahmad Al Shugairi (18 million), who advocates hatred for "unbelievers";

-Salman al-Ouda (14.2 million), up to the most famous of the Muslim Brotherhood preachers, Youssef Al Qardaoui (642,362 on Facebook), never banned from social media while calling for killing of apostates, Jews, adulterers and who has justified suicide attacks ...

-Or Hani Ramadan, brother of Tariq, still on Twitter but who supports the stoning and was expelled from France.

-Or like Tareq al-Suwaidan, a preacher banished from Belgium, the United States and Italy for his ideas, who continues to chirp to his 10 million followers.

Call it digital multiculturalism. With your laws we will conquer you and with our laws we will dominate you. ...