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Israel will ask the Biden administration to continue the US' cooperating in an effort to prevent the moves made against the Jewish State by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The Israel Hayom newspaper reported that the first move that Jerusalem will seek to work on jointly with the new administration is to coordinate the selection of the next chief prosecutor of the tribunal in the coming weeks.

The current prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has served for the past nine years and is expected to step down in the coming weeks. In recent years, she and the International Criminal Court have been the subject of very harsh sanctions by the Trump administration, following its decision to investigate alleged American and Israeli soldiers.

US President Joe Biden and his administration have not yet taken a position on how they will respond to the court's actions.

Unlike the previous chief prosecutors of the tribunal, who mainly investigated war crimes in third world countires, Bensouda maintained that all crimes against humanity should be investigated, even those allegedly committed by the superpowers. She examined charges attributed to British and American soldiers. In the case of Israel, she instructed the Palestinian Authority on how to be admitted to the tribunal, promoted PA complaints and rejected all the arguments that Israel submitted.

For an unknown reason, the judges of the Hague Tribunal have long refrained from publishing their decision on whether to authorize the opening of an investigation against Israelis accused of war crimes.

The court itself supports the move, but many major countries around the world have appealed to the court to avoid it, and this may be the reason for the delay.

Another possibility is that the tribunal has been waiting for a change of government in the US, and now that Trump is not in the picture the judges will not be afraid to advance moves against Israel and the US.