Avidgor Liberman
Avidgor LibermanYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman on Friday said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was to blame for the 4,000 deaths from coronavirus in Israel.

Speaking in an interview on Channel 12 News, Liberman said, "What is important at the moment is forming a government that will manage the crisis. Right now there is a government that is managing the crisis in a cynical way. If there are more than 4,000 dead from coronavirus, it is Netanyahu's responsibility.”

“What is important right now is replacing Netanyahu's government. In order to do this, everyone must store his ego in the nearest warehouse," he added.

Liberman also commented on Thursday’s violence in Bnei Brak, when dozens of haredim attacked a civilian vehicle in which police officers on duty were traveling. Police then raided the yeshiva from which the attackers came, arresting six people.

"The fact that Netanyahu needs to beg to people to obey government directives is a loss of governance, a lack of management and is a disgrace," charged Liberman.

"What happened last night in Bnei Brak is not just another incident of violence, not another attempted assassination or riot - this is the mainstream," he claimed. "We have always been told that this is an extremist group, but the Viznitz Hasidism is a major movement - in United Torah Judaism, in the haredi establishment with representation in the Council of Torah Sages and in the Knesset."

"What Netanyahu and others like him are doing is lip service at best. When a Prime Minister says there will be a 'firm hand', what does that mean? Issue a closure order for that institution and stop their budget immediately."

Liberman also claimed that that those involved in the violence were receiving support from Knesset members.

"I saw Litzman backing them up - saying the cops went on a campaign of revenge," he stated, adding, “The haredim never debate facts - they only apply a label: ‘You hate the haredim’. I ask them: ‘Where is it written in the Jewish literature that there is a contradiction between Torah study and work?’"

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