Samaria Regional Brigade base
Samaria Regional Brigade base Hillel Meir

Two Jewish youths on Thursday infiltrated the base of the Samaria Regional Brigade in Mahane Horon, Channel 13 reported.

The two reportedly climbed the base fence and were identified at that early stage, but managed to penetrate the base.

The force that recognized them began to pursue them. The youths climbed back over the fence in order to join the vehicle that was waiting for them and escape, but the pursuing force managed to catch them before they entered the vehicle and they were arrested together with the two others who were in the car.

An IDF spokesman said, "IDF forces recently identified two suspects who climbed the fence of an IDF base in Judea and Samaria and entered the base. IDF fighters who rushed to the scene chased the suspects in the base area and arrested them, along with two other suspects found near the base."

It was also reported that "the fighters transferred the four suspects for further investigation by Israel Police," and that the suspects were "residents."