The Health Ministry's new ad
The Health Ministry's new adצילום:

Israel's Health Ministry is spearheading a new campaign to raise awareness of the risks of coronavirus among the haredi sector.

On Thursday morning, a new ad from the Health Ministry's Haredi Headquarters appeared in haredi news publications.

The ad, spread across two pages, shows death notifications with the names replaced by familiar descriptors.

Some of the descriptors include "the preschool teacher from Petah Tikva," "our father," "the holy rebbe (hasidic leader)," and "the young mother."

"The purpose of the campaign is to demonstrate how coronavirus harms everyone: men, women, Lithuanian-haredim, Sephardim, hasidim, preschool teachers and yeshiva teachers, young and old. The central message is to encourage a person to ask himself: 'Did we take proper precautions?'" a Ministry statement read.