Donald Trump
Donald Trump צילום: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

Our Dear President Trump,

Most probably, at the time of this piece being read, you and your family will have left the White House, leaving Washington, D.C for your Florida home, sadly, not as a happy man.

But we at the Judaeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, want to cheer you up, thank you, let you know that we fully appreciate your amazing accomplishments, ones you've had to chisel out of hard rock during the last four years.

And those four years were turned by your haters into four years of total hell. Before you even entered the White House there were calls from the Progressive undemocratic Democrats for impeachment. Hillary, Jimmy Carter, Pelosi and Schumer told their blind minions that you were an illegitimate president. You know the rest of the inquisition story. You lived it.

The Jews of America and our brothers and sisters all over the world should be ever thankful to you for you overwhelming support for us, Israel and for our combined battle to survive. And you had no political cause to do so. Only about 25% of our crowd voted for you. Compare this group's overwhelming support for the overtly Jew hating Obama and his Democrat Party and you must admit that Jewish political intelligence is an oxymoron.

And blacks are no better geniuses at the polls either. Look what you did for their families, income, education, housing and rise in self worth. They, as well, never showed their appreciation. Sad. We'll take it upon ourselves to offer thanks for the above two groups. Simply stated: Thanks!

We thank you for your total lack of political experience, that combined and strengthened by your business acumen was basic in creating the most vibrant, productive economies in the nation's history. You smashed unemployment, you raised the morale of the people and you always made yourself one of us. You treated us as equals. Thanks!

Thank you for being a sincere, outspoken patriot, a lover of our country and a fervent flag waver. We needed that after eight years of the former president's constant demeaning of our nation's history, accomplishments and sacrifices. We thank you for your never ending support for our troops. You were outspoken in your love for these youngsters who've chosen to volunteer to defend our liberties. You've made each and every one of them feel that his/her service to this country was appreciated. They've sensed your sincerity. You always had their backs. Thanks!

And not to be forgotten, many thanks to your family for the warmth, support and love to you they displayed during your tenure. They were loyal, charming, intelligent, photogenic, efficient and down to earth. They enhanced your presidency and we embraced them as our own. Enjoy their simchas and their bar and bas-mitzvahs!

Shamefully, the new D.C. tenants will try their evil best to re-write the actual accomplishments of your four years, to degrade them, to erase them, in order to indoctrinate our future citizens to view you as a failure, as a traitor, as a Hitler. George Floyd will have his statues and schools named in his honor in major cities well before any are raised in your honor. Shameful. But we will fight their efforts tooth and nail. Truth will out.

So, to you President Trump, as you leave the White House, our love and prayers go with you. Simply said......THANKS! G-d bless and go in peace.

The Judeao/Christian Republican Club

Palm Beach County, Florida