Esther Horgan
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My next series of articles have been inspired by Benjamin Sipzner who made Aliyah from my neck of the woods in Queens to Judea and Samaria, and who now advocates for the Jewish State. Benjamin asked me the important question central to this OpEd as well as my next two. Is American Jewry asleep at the wheel? Where are American Jews on issues critical to the Jewish State?

Not too long ago I wrote about the tragic tale of Malki Roth who was killed in the Sbarro Restaurant bombing in August of 2001 not long before the Twin Towers Terrorist Attack upon America. Her murderer, Ahlam Ahmad al Tamimi, who received 16 life sentences now walks freely.

The brutal and violent murder of Esther Horgan H’YD, on December 21st, 2020 is another example of a heart wrenching , emotionally draining, and deplorable event. It is a terrible indictment of human-kind. At age ten, Esther Horgan visited Israel for the first time. She said then, “This is where I have to live.” She made Aliyah to Israel right after high school. She gave birth to four boys and two girls. Her youngest had his Bar Mitzvah a few months back. Her husband said of her, “She was simply an amazing person, full of joy in life, someone who loved everyone and everything.” She was murdered in a nature reserve on the pre-1967 side of Israel near her home in Tal Menashe in Samaria.

The lack of an outcry from America let alone American Jewry is part of the problem. It is also part of the solution. The situation must be rectified before anyone else is hurt.

American Jewry might think it has no voice on Israel matters but this is far from the truth. I have spent 36 years voicing concerns, recommendations and criticisms and have never felt that I did not have a right or privilege to do so. I found, quite to the contrary, that Israel, both its leaders and its citizens welcomed my input. As a matter of fact, in many respects, the feedback from American Jewry meant more to Israeli Knesset members than Israel’s indigenous population.

This might all change one day but for the time being it is the way it is. American Jews must raise their voices at the horrific murder of Esther Horgan H’YD. The cry must be loud and clear. It must be repeated over and over again that “Jewish Blood Is Not Cheap”. We must be the echo chamber for Israel’s chorus to prevent further terrorist incidents. The “Taylor Force Act” which makes the PA’s “pay to slay” more difficult is just one such instance of America’s and American Jewry’s creative and necessary efforts.

Benjamin Sipzner writes, “The horrifying murder of Esther Horgan H’YD who was a mother of six living in Tel Menashe, by an Arab terrorist who saw her going for a jog and decided that he could not miss the opportunity to take a Jew’s life.” “These events sadden us greatly and are a cause for much concern.” “We stand behind our brothers and sisters with as much support as we can.”

American Jewry has a crucial role in the prevention of further terrorist attacks. This becomes even more important as the Rashida Tlaib’s of America spew their Anti-Semitism and lies about Israel. The Congresswoman’s latest prevarication against Israel involves calling Israel a “racist state” for what she mistakenly and untruthfully claims is Israel not providing Covid 19 Vaccines to the PA. It is as far from the truth as possible. It is up to America and American Jewry to set the record straight.

The barbaric murder of Esther Horgan should make every American and certainly every Jewish American scream at the top of their lungs to prevent this from ever happening again.