EmunahNaomi Nehorai Mealia

Hard to believe 3 years have passed since my mother's petira.

Some remember her for her daily letters to the Jerusalem Post.

Some remember her for her years of activity in Emunah women both in America and Israel.

In Jerusalem, she founded and chaired the Seminar Committee that planned monthly programs for English-speaking Jerusalemites to keep them informed on relevant topics and integrate them into life in Israel.

Her keen intelligence shined through the sharp comments and questions she asked at lectures and meetings. She kept everyone on their toes.

She never forgot the individual, and always had a good word to say about every person she met which gave them such a boost of self-confidence.

She ran to visit friends in the hospital and pay Shiva calls.

Her exuberance and love of life, simchat chayim, stood out at the countless weddings she attended, dancing with such joy with the Kallah, sharing in the happiness of the family

She is sorely missed.

Toby Willig
Toby WilligCourtesy