Wedding hall where suspect was hiding in the restrooms
Wedding hall where suspect was hiding in the restrooms צילום: דוברות המשטרה

Police were called last night (Tuesday) to a synagogue on Zevulun Street in the city of Ashkelon, after a report was reported of a crowded event taking place there.

When the police arrived, they noticed a crowd of people, some of them sitting and eating around tables, in clear violation of public health guidelines. In addition, tables where dozens of other guests had dined were still in evidence although the guests had already left the event.

While searching the area, police arrived at the women's restroom, where some of the women who took part in the incident were apparently hiding, among them a woman was found who appeared to be sick with COVID-19 and should have been in quarantine.

The police issued 21 fines against guests, suppliers and organizers, charging them with staying in a restricted area, providing a forbidden service, and violation of quarantine.

In addition, the Southern Precinct Fraud Unit has opened an investigation against the event organizers on suspicion of taking actions to promote the spread of COVID-19.

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