Ishay Ribo
Ishay Riboצילום: Darchei Miriam

Just yesterday, a ten-year-old girl with cancer became more famous than she’d ever imagined when pictures of her personal visit from Ishai Ribo leaked onto the internet.

Shira, who has been sick for the past three years, cried tears of joy when Israeli star Ishai showed up in her hospital room and gave her family a free concert for a full hour. According to her parents, the little fan hasn’t stopped talking about the event since. What’s even more incredible about Ishai’s visit isn’t just his humble kindness; It’s the tremendous awareness that it has created for Shira’s crowdfunding campaign.

Shira has recently become a candidate for a groundbreaking pediatric surgery that can cure her of cancer forever. But after years of hefty medical bills, her parents simply don’t have any money left to pay for this surgery which they are required to pay out of pocket. After years of chemotherapy without seeing any improvement, this surgery is Shira’s last hope. Her parents have turned to crowdfund with the hope that donors will see their campaign and do everything they can to help out.

Now almost halfway to the goal amount needed for the life-saving surgery to happen, Shira’s parents are overwhelmed with gratitude to Ishai and all his incredible fans who have donated on Shira’s behalf. As the weeks following, the Jewish world will watch in suspense to see if this beloved kid will raise the funds necessary to reclaim the life she’s always imagined.