Hagit Moshe votes
Hagit Moshe votesHezki Baruch

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Hagit Moshe was declared the winner of the Jewish Home party primaries after 80% of the vote was counted Tuesday evening.

Moshe has already left her home in Jerusalem for the committee's central headquarters in Nahalim, where she will announce her victory in the primary.

Moshe, who serves as chairperson of the Jewish Home party in Jerusalem, has been the deputy mayor of Jerusalem for about five years. In her first position, she held the finance portfolio and currently holds the education portfolio and the portfolio of communities and young families.

In the early elections, 86.6 percent of the members of the Jewish Home Center participated, 841 out of 973 members of the center. 732 voted at the polls nationwide and 109 voted by electronic ballot.

Earlier today, Moshe said in an interview with Arutz Sheva: "We are heading towards a very big line. A lot of center members all over the country are waiting and looking forward to our bringing new things."

"I share that feeling," she added. "We are probably heading for a revolution in the Jewish Home and a path of growth, development and very important connections of unity because we are all together."

Unity, according to Moshe, is "the unity of all the various forces of religious Zionism. We will become a strong, diverse united national religious party, as the State of Israel deserves."

"I said all the way that I will do everything to unite the Jewish Home with the National Union into a diverse and broad party with a backbone and clear statements. I will do everything so that everyone comes home to one religious Zionist party," Moshe said, emphasizing: "There will be no unification with the New Right. There is a difference between running together and uniting. "