Coronavirus ward, Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv
Coronavirus ward, Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv Eitan Elhadez / TPS

At least three of the pregnant women recently hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus became infected with the British variant of the virus.

This figure came up after samples taken from them arrived at the Central Laboratory for Viruses of the Ministry of Health in Tel Hashomer.

These are not final results of the genetic sequencing as these will be obtained in a few days, but it is estimated that the tests performed so far indicate it is the variant.

These findings became clear after Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, head of public health services at the Ministry of Health, last night ordered hospitals to send samples of pregnant women with coronavirus in difficult condition for genetic sequencing in a laboratory in Tel Hashomer.

In recent days there were reports from a number of hospitals of young pregnant women, without background illnesses, who were forced to be hospitalized after contracting coronavirus and their condition has deteriorated.