Sandak's parents
Sandak's parentsArutz Sheva

Avraham and Ayelet Sandak, the parents of the late Ahuvya who was killed during a police chase, are calling for an end to the demolition of the Maoz Esther hill where Ahuvya lived.

"It was clarified to us that at the end of the thirtieth anniversary of the death of our son, the late Ahuvya Sandak, the Israel Police intends to evacuate and destroy the Maoz Esther outpost that was the home and source of love for Ahuvya," the Sandak couple wrote in an open address to ministers, MKs, and rabbis.

"Ahuvya built and redeemed the lands of Eretz Yisrael, loved its swathes of land, and after his death left us his legacy, which is to love G-d in simplicity, Torah study for no other motives, and love of the Land," they wrote. "We protest and express strong opposition to the demolition of the outpost that was the home to Ahuvya, and now remains as a living testament and comforting memory for his parents and brothers, family, friends and anyone who cries out for his untimely passing and the love of the Land of Israel is the breath in his nostrils."

"Is not the terrible injustice enough?" they cried. "Will there not be solace for the bereaved parents and the grieving family? We call on you, my honored and dignified gentlemen, to repeal this terrible decree. The people are on the brink of a crisis of trust among many good citizens of Israel."

According to them, "You desire and are able is to unite the ranks, mend the wounds, and say loud and clear no to the destruction of the Third Temple, but yes to construction, unity, and healing the rifts and continuing the path of the righteous pioneer of our generation, the beloved Ahuvya Sandak, who loved and lived the commandment to settle in the Land of Israel."