Maoz Tzvi residents trapped by flood
Maoz Tzvi residents trapped by floodצילום: ועד הישוב מעוז צבי

96 people, including about 60 children, found themselves stranded this morning (Monday) in the'Young Settlement' of Maoz Zvi in ​​northern Samaria.

The trapped families were on their way to demonstrate in front of the home of Defense Minister Benny Gantz to demand that their community be regulated when they realized that the Hadera River had overflowed and was blocking the only access road to the town.

The delay in regulating the community as promised by the Prime Minister resulted in, among other things, the postponing of paving a perimeter road around the settlement and the improvement of the access road that could withstand the regular flooding.

Moshe Schneider, the community leader, commented, "This is a disgrace. Our security and safety alike are being ignored. We are stranded here because a proper road can’t be built. I’ve held my position for six years now without pay, on only military authority, because we are not a recognized township. We protect the heartland of Israel with our lives - don’t we deserve access to modern infrastructure?”

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan has been on hunger strike for the past six days and transferred his office to the protest tent eight days ago, demanding that Maoz Zvi and 48 other young communities in Israel be provided with basic infrastructure services. Dagan says: "We expect Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to immediately legitimize these settlements, for the sake of the children who live in them.”

Ayelet-Hashachar Deutsch, a mother of four who lives in Maoz Zvi, added, "Today I had to postpone an operation for my 8-month-old daughter because we can’t get out of town, not even to buy food. We have had enough of being political pawns.”