Prof. Gamzu
Prof. Gamzu חדשות 13

Ichilov Hospital Director Prof. Roni Gamzu takes full responsibility for the tragic incident that occurred at his hospital: 47-year-old Moshe Harazi died in the COVID-19 intensive care unit after his ventilator unnoticed by medical staff, became disconnected.

"This is an unfathomable burden of grief on me and the family - it is, after all, my responsibility. There may be nurses and doctors around, but, in the end, it is my responsibility," Gamzu told Channel 13 tonight (Sunday).

''I have, of course, conveyed the necessary explanations to the family, but it's hard for me on a personal level. At this stage I am left only to try and bolster my staff and increase their spirits. We are in a difficult position, and must not allow this to happen again," added Gamzu.

Tali Harazi, Moshe's widow, said today that "my husband died for nothing. Hopefully we will get through this. My husband was a loving person, quick to smile, who did no harm to anyone. We were informed on Friday that he had suffered a cardiac event. We were not told of any equipment failures.”

Harazi said that the deputy director of Ichilov Hospital spoke to her about the problem and promised to investigate the matter promptly. "Moshe was not a sick person. He had mild diabetes, but no other background diseases," the widow noted.

Last night, Ichilov Hospital released a statement saying, "In a preliminary investigation conducted on Saturday, it was discovered that the respiratory tube had been torn out of place, but went unnoticed due to the multiple conflicting alarms in the intensive care unit. Staff were only able to detect and replace it after a few minutes."

Ichilov added: "We are experiencing a heavy workload that has strained our staff. In view of the heavy load and the increased infections, the hospital management has decided to close beds and reduce procedures in favor of further reinforcing the staff treating COVID-19 patients."