Ben Gurion airport
Ben Gurion airportFlash 90

Yamina chairman and candidate for prime minister, Naftali Bennett, has expressed distaste for the conduct of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Transport Minister Miri Regev.

"Netanyahu and Regev's failings at Ben-Gurion Airport embodies all the amateurism and indifference that are the hallmarks of this government. Instead of holding another photo opportunity next to a plane every two days, they should have been pushing for universal screening seventy-two hours before takeoff, as I was ten months ago. We could have, but did not, avoid the entry of two new mutations of COVID-19, as well as that of thousands of new cases."

"A total of 750,000 people entered Israel during the epidemic, with no oversight of any kind. While the Netanyahu government imposed closures and quarantines on the country's citizens, it left a huge loophole at Ben-Gurion Airport through which the disease has poured in. The publicity surrounding the vaccination program has not solved the more serious quandaries which preceded it."

"Leadership is tested in crises, and the current leadership has failed the test and paid for it with our blood. We need new leadership for Israel. "

Prof. Nachman Ash, the current crisis manager, said today that the Ministry of Health is working to require that passengers test negative before embarking. "We promote a policy of being tested seventy-two hours before boarding time in order to find and prevent potential mutation vectors. Similarly, we espouse testing anyone returning to the country."

Prof. Ash added that the Ministry of Health estimates that about 20% of the positive tests are the result of the British mutation and that the numbers are still expected to rise. "The South African mutation has appeared only in certain isolated cases and is still fairly uncommon. The Brazillian mutation has not, to my knowledge, reached Israel."