Ron Huldai
Ron HuldaiMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Hudai announced Sunday morning that in 10 days he will reopen the city's cultural institutions to anyone who has received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

"In 10 days we will open the city's cultural halls. There is a large waiting list of individuals who've received the vaccine and a green passport," Huldai stated in an interview with the "Kalman Lieberman" program on Reshet Bet.

"There is no reason why those who have been vaccinated should not be able to attend the Cameri Theater. We shouldn't have to wait for Netanyahu to open it the day before the election."

Addressing the Health Ministry's expected opposition to the move, Huldai said: "The Health Ministry can't order me around. In the State of Israel, you need to take the lead. If I had been sitting around and not initiating all the time, I would not have gotten anywhere."

"Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of the country. When I make a decision, it affects Israeli citizens and an industry numbering 150,000 professionals currently collapsing under the extra financial burden," he stressed.

Huldai dismissed the possibility of an alliance between his 'Israelis' party and the Blue and White party headed by Benny Gantz. "Benny Gantz is a burden and not an asset. I say this openly," he asserted.