Donald Trump with Nikki Haley
Donald Trump with Nikki Haley Reuters

After former UN Ambassador and governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, chided Democrats for attempting to impeach President Trump, calling the move a "waste of time," and said people needed to calm down in order to allow the incoming administration to assert itself and deal with real threats presented by international human rights violators like China, Russia, and Iran, she attacked President-elect Biden on his economic policies.

In a series of tweets targeting the Democrats' agenda of "free giveaways" and a move away from America's capitalist values, Haley accused Biden of placing excessive financial burden on American taxpayers while channeling their money to groups and individuals who hadn't earned it.

"Biden released details on a $1.9T spending bill (on top of $3.5 trillion Congress [has] already spent) that includes $1,400 government checks regardless of employment status, giveaways for state and local government and unemployment benefits regardless of how the economy or workers are doing," tweeted Haley

"Time to face the harsh reality, socialist Bernie Sanders will become the chairman of the Sen Budget Committee. He has vowed to use his position to enact his progressive agenda on healthcare, climate, infrastructure spending, & cutting defense spending."

Haley referred to a USA Today story about a student-run grocery store in a small Texas town. The article claims a school principal who initiated the project as saying that "About 43% of students in the Sanger Independent School District are considered economically disadvantaged. About 2,750 students are enrolled in the school district, 3.6 percent of whom are considered homeless."

The idea behind the project is that it allows students to use "points" to purchase real-life items based on family size, with points "replenished" on a weekly basis.

"A Texas school district opened a free grocery store to help disadvantaged students. The student-run store allows students to “buy” essentials without money. “If we can make our food pantries look like a grocery store...we can keep dignity in people," Haley tweeted regarding the article.

"Biden’s plan to double the federal minimum wage would kill between 1.3 and 3.7 million jobs and burden small businesses that are already struggling. We need to remember that government spending isn’t 'free.' Ultimately, taxpayers will be called upon to foot the bill," she added.

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