Moshe Harizi
Moshe HariziFamily

Moshe Harazi, 47, from Tel Aviv, is the patient who died yesterday (Friday) after a tube from the ventilator was disconnected without any of the staff at Ichilov Hospital noticing.

He is survived by a wife and five orphans, the eldest recently graduating from the military and the youngest six.

The hospital said that after the tube was disconnected, his condition deteriorated during the afternoon and despite the doctors' efforts, he died a few hours later.

It was also reported from the hospital that in a preliminary investigation that took place during the Sabbath, the hospital management revealed that the tube was torn out of place without the staff noticing in time, but only after a few minutes. Hospital management has opened an investigation of the unusual incident and will draw the necessary conclusions.

"The hospital has updated the family on the details of the incident and is participating in the heavy mourning," the hospital said.