House Impeachment Manager Rep. Schiff (D-CA) speaks to media
House Impeachment Manager Rep. Schiff (D-CA) speaks to mediaReuters

Democrats and progressives should wipe the superior smirks off their faces. What Big Tech and Big Commerce are doing, with their banning of still-president Trump, their attacks on Republicans who supported him, their censorship of negative news about Democrats, and their shutdown of social media site Parler smack of collusion, censorship, anti-trust, interference with interstate commerce, and breach of contract.

It is sickening to see fellow Republicans falling all over themselves, denouncing Trump as they grovel before the Democrats and liberal press.
It is sickening to see fellow Republicans falling all over themselves, denouncing Trump as they grovel before the Democrats and liberal press. They have no principle or shame. Joe McCarthy would be so proud. The rest of the world is laughing.

So kiss the ring of Don Joe Biden and his consigliere, Nancy Pelosi, but that's only the beginning. Viciously kicking Trump to the curb is the start of destroying us in this cycle, not the end.

Mr. Unity, Joe Biden, is off to a grand dictatorial start. Instead of tamping down the naked assault on free speech and competition, he is musing how to balance a second Trump impeachment with getting his Cabinet approved.

Meanwhile, questions regarding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol remain unanswered:

Why did we see a video of a uniformed guard letting protesters peacefully enter single file and pose for a group photo looking like the Village People?

Who shot participant Ashli Babbitt, and why?

Some purported participants held posters reading, "F--- the Police!" Does that look like a Republican sentiment?

There are reports that feces were smeared all over the interior of the building. Is that a Republican tactic?

Press coverage on the Hunter Biden corruption has gone dark, almost assuredly for good, and the creators of the phony Steele Dossier are on Easy Street — unrepentant and unpunished.

Democrat outrage is now laser-focused on a second impeachment of President Trump, concomitant with a Big Tech purge of all electronic messaging from Trump and his followers. The censorship is purportedly vital to thwart hate speech. Fake news.

Let's remind the Democrats what President Trump and America have endured from them.
Fox commentator Steve Hilton, with screen shots of past tweets, brilliantly debunked Twitter's propaganda about being the leading mob-buster of the internet. Actually, Twitter spent last summer proudly broadcasting the time and place where radical riots would commence. It also kept Iranian leader Khamenei's tweets advocating the annihilation of Israel, and hate speech toward Jews.

Putative vice president Harris scolded that riots were good and that, surely, more were to come. Biden called the police racist and never denounced the violence.

We've seen this play before. It doesn't end well, but unfortunately, it takes time to get to the end.

From start to finish, it is estimated that some sixty million people died during the Russian Revolution onward. Russians were killed through famine, purges, dislocations to barren parts of the country, and an attack on capitalism. Religion, the family, and civil society were vilified. It took seventy-two years for the horror to end.

In China, governmental control is still absolute, while more than a hundred million souls since the 1949 communist takeover have perished. China's experiment with collectivism and dictatorial fiat is ongoing.

With unity flying out the window, let's remind the Democrats what President Trump and America have endured from them:

  • Protests and disruption at the inauguration
  • "Not our president"
  • Madonna dreaming of blowing up the White House
  • Whites are racist
  • Maxine Waters and others telling Democrats to hound elected Republicans
  • Republicans being fired
  • Trump's head in effigy swung around by a deranged Democrat third-rate comedian
  • Democrat majority's speaker of the House ripping to shreds Trump's State of the Union address on national TV
  • The first impeachment over a phony dossier paid for by the Democrats
  • Congressman Steve Scalise almost dying from a deranged Democrat's bullet and many others wounded
  • The frenzied Democrats scratching on the locked Supreme Court doors as Democrats attempted Justice Kavanaugh's defilement

Despite the opprobrium and sabotage, Trump gave America a jump start on a return to greatness:

  • Trump got us out of the insane Iran deal that gave scads of cash to our avowed enemy
  • Trump pulled us out of the costly and self-destructive Paris agreement — a climate control boondoggle
  • Trump turned on the engines of American manufacturing, rewarding Americans with the greatest employment numbers for all worker groups, including every minority the Democrats ever identified
  • Trump supported religious activity and made it acceptable again
  • Trump celebrated his followers and connected with them — even if they ate at Olive Garden
  • Trump concentrated on legal immigration and attempted to slow illegal immigration
  • Trump has a great friend of Israel and world Jewry, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel's national sovereignty, and protecting her against vicious attacks in the U.N.
  • Trump gave us years of a great stock market, thereby improving the economic status of millions of Americans

Yes, Trump has a big mouth and a big ego. But his actions mattered, too, and he accomplished much.

Now Trump-supporters are indiscriminately being called domestic terrorists. Seventy-odd million or so who did not loot, did not steal, did not burn, did not destroy, and did not physically harm, as happened from the left last summer — are labeled domestic terrorists.

The United States is already looking very different.

Lynne K. Lechter is a business/corporate attorney and litigator

Reposted with author's permission from The American Thinker