Avraham Sandak
Avraham SandakHezki Baruch

The Supreme Court today (Thursday) rejected the petition of the Sandak family who requested through their attorney, Menashe Yado from Honenu, that the court order that only the Internal Affairs department of the Israel National Police be involved in investigating the death of Ahuvya Sandak.

The court ruled to allow the investigation to continue with a joint team of officers from the Tel Aviv precinct and Internal Affairs officers.

Yado said in response, "The one thing we know for certain is that a child was killed, in an incident in which police were involved. All we are asking for is an impartial investigation; unfortunately, the Supreme Court doesn't approve even of this. Every child understands that this is a clear example of a conflict of interest."

"The citizens of Israel and the family deserve investigative authorities who will conduct an honest investigation. Despite all the flaws in the current process, we will continue to fight for an honest answer, for the family, for Ahuvya, and for the citizens who look with growing concern on the authorities' conduct in this case."