Hagit Moshe
Hagit MosheHezki Baruch

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe, who is running for candidacy in the Jewish Home party, intends to unify all parties to the right of Likud if she wins the primaries.

In a conversation with key figures in the Jewish Home, Moshe said: "First of all, unlike Nir Orbach, I reject no one out of hand. I have an excellent relationship with Ayelet and Naftali and I was the first to approach them when they failed to cross the electoral threshold, but we are not subordinate to either one."

Moshe said that she also has a working relationship with Bezalel Smotrich. "What is certain is that I will not settle for seventh place on this list. If we are to unite, we must have the top spot, and of course we will make sure to secure our own place in such a union. We bring knowledge of the population and rabbinical support, both of great significance."

"If Bennett does not want to give us the place we deserve and tries to push us into a corner, as Snir is now talking about, we will continue our push for unification with the nationalist parties, but only if we are to lead the list."

Hagit Moshe even hinted that a joint list would not receive the support of Rabbi Druckman if she, as chairwoman of the Jewish Home, did not head the party. "That is why I intend to demand first place in such a union."

Participants in the conversation even said that Moshe directed a few pointed comments at Smotrich: "I really appreciate Bezalel, but with all due respect, religious Zionism does not end in Kedumim and Beit El. There are also voters who live in the 03 dialing area [in central Israel]."