Ayelet Sandak
Ayelet SandakArutz Sheva

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court today (Wednesday) heard a request from the Sandak family to appoint a judge to investigate the killing of their late son Ahuvia Sandak during a police chase in the Binyamin region.

During the hearing, Judge Eliad Winshel said he sees himself as the judge who will investigate the boy's death. At the end of the hearing, Judge Winshel took the entire investigation file from the State Attorney's Office and said that he would begin studying the evidence and reviewing the investigation.

Ariel Atari from the Honenu organization, who represents the Sandak family, said, "Our request was that a judge be appointed to investigate the cause Ahubyah's death. Following this welcome decision to appoint an investigating judge, the court today took a significant amount of evidence to begin that process, which we hope will soon lead to the incrimination of the Israel National Police in this incident."

''Unsurprisingly, the prosecution tried to prevent an investigation by a judge at all, and asked that no judge be appointed to investigate. The court did not accept their position and instead took the evidence personally, the judge informing us at the time that he sees this as his personal responsibility. Representatives of the State Attorney's Office later stated that they might ask to present some of the evidence behind closed doors."

Ayelet Sandak, Ahuviyah's mother, said:" We firmly believe that the truth will come out. It was not an easy discussion. I watched the State Attorney fight fiercely and heroically to defend murderers. This is a very sad day for the State of Israel. I hope and strongly believe that we will soon see change; there are so many more investigations that are no less obstructed."

'' We very much hope and pray that justice is done as soon as possible. Many thanks to the people of Israel who support us. We receive constant support from the public. We hope that the truth will soon be aired in public."

"My grievance is not against the courts, but rather the Israel National Police, who from the first have conducted themselves in a repugnant fashion. My faith in the courts, the people, and God could not be stronger."