Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandakpicture used with permission of family

A bus of soldiers stopped to offer medical assistance just a few minutes after the serious car accident in which Ahuvia Sandak was killed, Channel 13 News reported Tuesday night.

According to the report, which is based on the testimony of one of the bus passengers, the detectives who were at the scene and were involved in the accident refused the soldiers 'offer to provide medical assistance to Ahuvya's friends,' even though some of them had medical training.

Evidence shows that the bus arrived at the scene before the Hatzalah paramedics. Two of the boys were in moderate condition and two were in light condition. In addition, it was not yet known that Ahuvya had perished in the crash.

After a few minutes, the bus left the scene and continued to a military base.

The Israel Police responded: "The investigation of the entire incident has been transferred to the central bureau in Tel Aviv to prevent a conflict of interest, and the conduct of the police is being examined by the Department of Internal Police Investigations, all done thoroughly and professionally, under the guidance of the competent authorities. Because the incident is under investigation, we will naturally not be able to elaborate on it at this stage."