Lt. Reut Sapir (left) during an exercise with the Binyamin Brigade
Lt. Reut Sapir (left) during an exercise with the Binyamin BrigadeIDF Spokesperson

The medics of the Samaria Regional Brigade are used to being the first to the scene of an emergency, working with Magen David Adom (MDA) and local responders to provide life-saving medical treatment.

For the recent 'Doctor Day', We spoke with medical officer Lt. Reut Sapir, who told Arutz Sheva about her role in the field and the importance of military medics

"Samaria is a unique region in terms of military medical staff," Sapir said. ''Most emergency medical response in this region is based on military medical forces. The army maintains numerous urgent care centers that service the area."

''Being as we are in close proximity to the majority of incidents, we make a point of arriving at as many emergencies as possible. Knowing that we are the closest and best equipped to respond is powerful motive to do our job to the best possible degree.

Lt. Sapir described the close connection between the military medical teams and the Jewish cities in Samaria. "We and the MDA have a shared and single mission to save lives. We are in constant contact with them, and military medics are trained by local responders each time the local forces rotate."

After completing her medic course, Sapir was originally assigned to Judea. "Both then and today, in Samaria, I know how important I and my soldiers are - each of the medical soldiers in the brigade knows that we are the fastest to the scene and the best trained and equipped to save lives. There is nothing more important than that."

"Doctors' Day is meant to show everyone what we already know - the incredible weight of our responsibility as medical responders. We will do our very best to be worthy of that incredible reputation."