Yael Shevach
Yael Shevach צילום: שירן כהן

Yael Shevach, the widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, who was killed in a terrorist attack near their home in Havat Gilad, said today that imprisoned terrorists should also be vaccinated against COVID-19.

"I'm going to drop a bomb," Shevach tweeted. "For all that I hate terrorists, I think they should be vaccinated."

She explained that she did not intend their vaccination to be a priority, but simply equal to the rest of Israel's citizens.

"I do not see vaccination as a reward or luxury," Shevach told Arutz Sheva. "It is part of our national effort to stop the pandemic. Part of that includes ensuring that prisoners have the appropriate medical care as well. It will be a serious blow to the State if we think we've vanquished the disease while our prisons still overflow with cases."

"Would you have the terrorist who killed Raziel vaccinated?" asked one of her followers.

"As difficult as it is to say," Shevach replied, "Yes, I would."