Protest against death of Ahuvya Sandak in Ramle
Protest against death of Ahuvya Sandak in RamleTPS

The struggle of "Hilltop Youth" is expanding and spreading to more people who have paid witness to the injustice of the police and judiciary system, as well as the Police Internal Investigations Department. They are protesting because they want to change Israel for the better.

It's worth mentioning that there is another force at play trying to figure out ways of putting an end to this outpouring, of weakening it, and prevent more likeminded individuals from coming onboard.

Their methods are clear to all. They try to portray protesters as violent lawbreakers, thus giving them a bad name and keeping others from joining the growing movement. Violence on the part of protesters also provides them public legitimacy for even harsher violence.

Unfortunately, the memory of Shabak agent Avishai Raviv, planted in right-wing groups to incite to violence, while exempting real violence as a "justified response" to provocations.

There is no sure way of knowing whether any such agents have found their place among us today. Most likely there are. Be careful of them. If you see someone rioting, throwing stones at police, and swearing at them, keep in mind that this does not serve our struggle. The person doing this is helping the police whose goal is to weaken the struggle.

Again, I do not know if they are employing the same methods they've been known to resort to in past years or paying these agents for their services. But if we want to gain the upper hand, we have to get rid of all the instigators. The few existing ones are succeeding in destroying everything we are trying to accomplish in the wake of the killing of Ahuvya Sandak Z"L and others like him.