Protesters hold up signs with Ahuvya Sandak's picture
Protesters hold up signs with Ahuvya Sandak's pictureMiriam Alster/Flash90

The police officer arrested over the weekend in connection with the death of Ahuvya Sandak has been released on bail Sunday, with limitations imposed on the officer until the end of proceedings against him.

The state prosecutor's office has also cancelled a request that journalist Kalman Liebskind, who published testimony from one of the officer's involved in the case - prompting the arrest of an officer now suspected of obstruction of justice - come to testify before investigators.

The police department's internal investigations office said in a statement Sunday that Liebskind "was not called to testify in the investigation as a suspect, and is not suspected of any crimes whatsoever."

"His testimony was requested to clarify specific points that arose during the internal investigation team's probe, but following an additional development, that testimony has became unnecessary for the time being and is not required."

On Sunday morning, Channel 13 reported that an officer involved in the police chase which resulted in Ahuvya Sandak's death last month had been arrested on suspicion of obstruction of justice.

Last Thursday, for the first time, the survivors of the incident in which Sandak was killed testified and detailed a complaint in the Police Internal Investigations Department.

The boys were summoned only on Wednesday after DIP received widespread public criticism for not finding the time to collect testimonies from the boys who were in the vehicle when Judea and Samaria regional police officers hit their vehicle for such a long period after the incident took place.